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Carolena is an award-winning director and writer and the director of development at Havoc Content, a boutique production company based in Los Angeles.

Her work explores the many dualities in life and strives to see past conventions that stop people from living their truth. Her work is focused on empowering and portraying underrepresented people in dynamic, 3-dimensional ways.

After graduating film-school she worked as a 1st AC and writer for a production company in Norfolk Virginia.

Once she moved to L.A. she began working in commercials and free-lancing as a director, shooter, editor, writer and designer. She also spent some time as the director of a devise theatre company based in Compton. Furthering her skills as a director she has studied Meisner technique to learn to communicate well with actors.

Several years and thousands of hours poured into her passions later she is shopping an award-winning feature film script, developing various TV series and continuing to expand her horizons as a director, cinematographer and writer.

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